Furniture Upholstery Dubai is a popular way to give tired furniture a new look. You can also use it for drapes and other decorative applications. The first step in selecting the right upholstery fabric is to consider your living space. Think about how the room will be used, what it is used for, and what activities it is likely to have. You can then choose a fabric based on these criteria.

Fabrics used

Furniture upholstery Dubai uses a variety of fabrics. These include leather, wool, acrylic, nylon, and silk. Customization options are also available. Natural fabrics include wool and cotton, and synthetics include polyester. Natural fibers are generally stronger and easier to maintain than synthetics. These are typically used on traditional dining chairs and parsons chairs.

Fabrics used for furniture upholstery Dubai are carefully selected to give the pieces a new look. They can be custom-colored to match the interiors of the room, providing a stylish and sophisticated look. Depending on the design, furniture upholstery Dubai can be used for a variety of pieces, including chairs, sofas, and bookcases. Typically, high-class fabrics are used for furniture upholstery.

While color and pattern are the most important factors in selecting the right upholstery fabric, there are other considerations. Consider the type of fabric, durability, and how often the pieces will be used. Choose a stain-resistant fabric and one that is washable.


Furniture upholstery is an important aspect of home decor. You must choose a fabric that can withstand a variety of conditions and is durable enough to cover a long period of time. Some fabrics can tear or discolor if they are exposed to the elements. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from leather, silk, linen, and sunny fabrics.

The most durable furniture upholstery material is leather. It is the most attractive and enduring option for furniture refurbishment. Moreover, it offers classy embellishment and is available in various dyed shades. A leather sofa will add a fashionable and chic look to even the oldest piece of furniture. Leather upholstery in Dubai is an excellent option for old and worn out furniture.


If you are thinking of giving your furniture a new look, furniture upholstery is one of the best options. Not only can it add style and comfort to your home, but it can also help you protect your furniture from wear and tear. There are many different types of fabrics that can be used for upholstery, and the type you choose depends on how much use your furniture will receive. For example, a daily-use sofa will need a more durable material than an occasional sofa. Furniture upholstery is a complicated process, so hiring a professional to do the work is often the best option.

Prices for furniture upholstery vary based on the complexity of the design and the materials used to create the new look. In Dubai, the average cost for couch reupholstery is AED 550 to 1000 per seat. This cost can vary depending on the fabric used, the number of seats, and the number of materials used to create the new look.


Furniture upholstery is an essential aspect of a good design. This is why choosing high quality fabrics for your upholstery is important. Different upholstery materials have different properties, and choosing the right one for a particular piece of furniture can be confusing. It is important to understand the use of the piece before you choose the fabric. For example, a personal cabinet will need different upholstery materials than a living room sofa.

The right upholstery company can provide you with the perfect fit for your home decor. It can transform the look and functionality of a room. While mass-produced furniture can be tempting, it is best to go for custom-made pieces that will last a lifetime. In addition, custom-made furniture can offer comfort and luxury. The industry can even help you choose the right type of carpets and curtains for your new furnishings.

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