8 Reason To Consider A Hybrid Event Platform

You will need to know the various benefits of a hybrid event platform to choose the hybrid event as your next event format. Furthermore, here are all the reasons that can be helpful in considering a hybrid event solution for your event.

Reasons to Choose Hybrid Event Platform

1. Top-Notch Customization

You can customize your complete hybrid event by yourself. Furthermore, the hybrid event services will provide you with an online platform exactly the same as you want. Hence, you have the freedom to design and create your own online platform. 

2. Brilliant Branding

The first need of an organizer is to promote their brand products and services. Hence, the hybrid event solutions offer a complete space for displaying various images, infographics, teasers, trailers, gifs, and more. Also, you can integrate the various internal and external links onto your online event platform. It will be helpful in diverting your audience to the right place at the right time. 

3. Dynamic Device Support

You can provide your attendees the freedom to use any device to log in and attend the complete virtual event without hassle. Hence, the hybrid event software offers dynamic device support. Your audience can choose their mobiles, PCs, laptops, iPad, tablets, or any other device they want without hassle. Also, they can utilize any of the Android or IOS as both of them are compatible with your event. 

4. Valuable Sponsorship Support

You will need the right sponsors to boost your event budget as well as get a better name in the market. If you have well-reputed brands in your event, then you can achieve more audiences than ever. Hence, hybrid event solutions support every organizer to find the best sponsorship for your event. 

5. Web-Based Hybrid Event Solution!

Say bye-bye to downloading apps and software to attend an app or software. Your audience can simply log in and attend the event via their browsers. Hence, the online event platforms offer Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based solutions for the virtual event. 

6. Higher Audience Engagement

The best hybrid meeting software offers various engagement tools, such as:

  • Gamification: You can integrate AR/VR games into your online event platform. It will help you keep your audience at the event from start to end, even during break times.
  • Clap/Hoot Sounds: The audience may feel bored sitting in front of their device screen doing nothing and just listening to the speaker. Hence, you can incorporate different sounds like clapping and hooting sounds into your event platform.
  • Emoticon Reactions: You can add different emojis to your virtual event platform. Your speakers may not be able to watch and read your comments. However, they can easily see the emojis and understand how their audience feels about their live session.
  • Text and Video-Based Notifications: You may have some updates, changes, announcements, and other essential information that you would like to share with your audience in real time. Hence, the online event platform offers you Ticker options. You can create a personalized push notification for your attendees and send it to them in a live event. They can read it at the top of their device screen.
  • Social Wall: You can incorporate a social wall into your online event. It will be helpful in displaying all the live comments and discussions on social media channels over your online event platform.
  • AR Photo Booth: Every event is incomplete without a selfie. Hence, you can integrate the photo booth into your event. It is an AR-based tool with different backgrounds that can be helpful in taking countless photos. One can download them and share them over various social media accounts. Also, you can create a gif by merging all these photos.
  • Leaderboard: You can allot a score to every part of your event. It adds a sense of competition among the audiences as they explore the endless possibilities to earn these scores. Hence, you can show the top scores on the leaderboard to motivate you more.

7. Seamless Networking Tools

The best hybrid fair platform offers various networking tools, such as:

  • Networking Tables: You can have numerous round tables in your online event where all the participants can sit and discuss the pre-decided topic.
  • AI Matchmaking: Anyone can make new friends over your online event if you integrate the AR photo booth tool into your platform.
  • Business Card Exchange: Everyone can send and approve the request for business cards to share with the event attendees.

8. Enticing Multi-Format Communication

The best hybrid summit platform offers various interaction tools, such as:

  • 1:1 and Group Chat: Everyone at the event can use the chatting feature to talk with each other. They can create a group with friends or discuss 1:1 with anyone.
  • Live Poll: You can conduct a live poll where you can ask various questions to your audience. Furthermore, your audience can vote for the option that they think is right.
  • Q&A Session: You can integrate a 15-20 min Q&A session into every session. Also, you can conduct a separate question and answer session where audiences can ask queries and speakers will provide them with the answer.
  • Live Audio & Video Call: You can ease the interaction by providing audio and video call opportunities to the audience. Hence, they call anyone to discuss.
  • Third-Party Integration: You can integrate any app or software to your virtual event platform to offer ease of interaction and add payment gateways.

9. Valuable Feedback & Analytics

The hybrid expo platform offers detailed analytics, such as:

  • Feedback Form: You can collect your audience’s experience and opinion about your event by popping up the feedback on the virtual event screen as soon as the event ends.
  • Detailed Event Report: Get a complete detailed report of the complete event from the registrations, logins, and various others.
  • Attendee Footprint: The best hybrid event solution will provide you with the footprint report where you can analyze the various activities of your attendees and measure the success of various integrations, virtual booths, and more,

So, these are the various reasons one should consider a hybrid event platform as a perfect stage for their upcoming event. Furthermore, you can create a successful event with the features and functionalities provided by hybrid event solutions.

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