How Metaverse Will Transform The Future Of Meetings And Office Space

We haven’t all been living in the digital world with a rapid rate of change for very long. The impact of technology, innovation, and digitization on society is undeniable. Virtual reality has gained a lot of attention recently. Virtual reality has much more applications than just gaming and entertainment. In addition to virtual education and real estate, Bill Gates anticipated that within a few years, business meetings would take place in the metaverse. We all gained accustomed to the virtual work life throughout the pandemic, and it eventually became the new standard. Similar to this, operating in the metaverse will soon become commonplace.

Both established businesses and start-ups have already established virtual offices in the metaverse. While Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet Inc. are investing a lot of time and money in the metaverse. Everyone should take advantage of the metaverse since it is the most significant economic revolution ever. Some smart metaverse development company are stepping forward to take advantage of the early benefits and reserve a certain position in advance.

Key Advantages of Metaverse Offices

To thrive in the very competitive economy of today, one must change with the times. Regarding digitalization and technology, the globe is moving forward significantly. Virtual offices are the way of the future as remote working becomes more and more common. Although working remotely has a number of restrictions and drawbacks when using platforms like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., the metaverse offers one fundamental solution to all the issues with remote working. The old means of gaming, working, and even living are being transformed by the reality known as the metaverse, which is more than simply a trend. Having a metaverse working environment or metaverse meeting room for your employees, stakeholders, and board members has a number of benefits from an organizational standpoint.

  • Increased traction
  • Cost-effective
  • Fewer commuting
  • Real-life experience
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Improved goodwill
  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited design
  • Less office suppliesĀ 
  • 3D business world

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Set Up Your Initial Metaverse Meeting

There are basically three ways to begin your first office meeting in the metaverse.

Option 1: Create Your Own Virtual Reality World

You can create your own virtual reality world and include a workspace for meetings and other activities. For remote access by your staff and colleagues, you will need to build your virtual world on a decentralised server. A fully customized workspace may be designed and built for nothing today thanks to new technologies and tools. However, renting a server to host your virtual world might be very expensive. Yet businesses have been successful in doing it.

Option 2: Pre-Built VR Offices

This choice is simple but efficient. You can enter the current metaverse and hold your meetings in one of the venues that are currently there. To put it plainly, it is a lot like renting a space for your office activities. Microsoft Teams/Mesh integration and Meta’s Horizon Workrooms may be your best options for pre-built virtual offices. These platforms come with a price. This can lower the expense of setting up your own virtual workplace and metaverse.

Option 3: Establish Your Business Within The Current Metaverse

If you want to have your own office in the metaverse, this is the best choice. Your office can be designed to suit your needs and preferences. It is comparable to owning a virtual property, which is advantageous given how popular virtual real estate is. You can use already-established metaverses for this, such as Sandbox, Roblox, Decentraland, etc. These are online worlds that are accessible at all times and from any location.

How Would It Feel To Attend A Metaverse Meeting?

You will experience virtual meetings in the metaverse as though they were taking place in person. Simply put, after logging in, you will go to the conference room and see your team member seated there. You can communicate with them in a way that is similar to how you would in person. Everything is visible to you, including facial emotions, speech tones, and body language. With the aid of a VR set, all of this would be attainable.


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