Action cameras are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They provide a immersive experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with photography. But to get the most out of your action camera, you need the right accessories. And one of the key pieces of equipment you’ll need is a good flashlight. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best action camera flashlights on the market, and explain which ones are the best for different situations. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right flashlight for your needs, and give you a rundown of some of the features that are important when choosing an action camera flashlight.

What is an Action Camera?

An action camera is a small, palm-sized device that can be used to take high-quality photos and videos. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all action cameras share a few common features: a sturdy body, waterproofing, and a lens that can capture high-resolution footage.

Action camera flashlights are an important part of any action camera kit. Not only do they provide light when you’re shooting in low light conditions, but they can also be used to capture video or photos in broad daylight.

The best action camera flashlights will provide you with the perfect amount of light while still providing adequate illumination for your footage or photos. Some factors to consider when purchasing an action camera flashlight include the size and weight of the flashlight, the type of battery it uses (AAA, AA, or CR123), and the brightness of the LED light.

Types of Action Camera Flashlights

Different action cameras come with different types of flashlight built-in. So, before buying an action camera-specific flashlight, it’s important to understand what each type offers.
Portable LED Flashlights
The most common type of flashlight is the portable LED flashlight. These flashlights have a small battery and are typically made from plastic or metal. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and many are also adjustable to be used as a penlight. Portable LED flashlights are good for general use, such as finding your way in a dark room or finding something dropped in a dark corner.
Pistol-Style Flashlights
Another type of flashlight is the pistol-style flashlight. These flashlights come in both hand-held and rifle models, and they are typically built to be more powerful than portable LED flashlights. Pistol-style flashlights are typically used for larger tasks, such as finding someone lost in the dark or clearing away debris after an accident.
Camo Flashlights
One final type of flashlight is the camo flashlight. Camo flashlights are designed to be discreet and inconspicuous, making them perfect for law enforcement or military personnel who need to stealthily search for enemies or accomplices. Cam

When to Use an Action Camera Flashlight

Action camera flashlights have become more popular in recent years as a way to add extra light while shooting video or photos. While they can be very helpful, there are some things to consider before using one.

When to Use an Action Camera Flashlight

There are a few times when using an action camera flashlight is a good idea:
– When you’re trying to photograph something in the dark and you don’t have a regular light source
– When you’re filming in low light and you need more light than your camera’s built-in flash can provide
– When you’re using a camera that doesn’t have a built-in flash (like some GoPro models) and you need to supplement it with lighting from an external flash source

What to look for when purchasing an Action Camera Flashlight

When looking to buy an action camera flashlight, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to decide what type of flashlight you need. There are three main types of action camera flashlights: headlamps, spotlights, and flood lights.

Headlamps are the most common type of action camera flashlight, and are perfect for general use. They come with a built-in light and can be adjusted to provide a wide range of lighting options.

Spotlights are designed specifically for use as flashlights on action cameras. They typically have a longer barrel than headlamps and are focused exclusively on providing light on one area of the camera lens. This makes them ideal for lighting up dark areas or shooting tight closeups.

Flood lights are the most powerful type of action camera flashlight, and are best used for larger areas or when shooting in low-light situations. They typically have a wider beam than other types of flashlights and require more batteries to operate effectively.


Action camera flashlights have become increasingly popular in recent years, with good reason. They provide stunning lighting for video and photography, making it possible to capture stunning shots even in low-light conditions. Whether you are interested in capturing videos of highlights or documenting your travels and adventures, an action camera flashlight is a must-have for any adventurer. In this buyers guide, we will explore some of the key factors to consider when selecting the best action camera flashlight for your needs. Be sure to check out our selection and find the perfect light for your next adventure!


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