The wire is typically made from copper strands, which are then tightly wrapped in a spiral. Ordinary wire provides a clear but thin sound quality. On the other hand, the coaxial speaker cable has a thicker line that carries a higher power level and offers an improved frequency response and more precise audio quality. In this article, find out more about coaxial speaker cable and what distinguishes it from an ordinary wire!

What is Speaker Cable?

If you’re not using a coaxial speaker cable to connect your speakers to your amplifier, you’re not getting the best possible sound quality. Here’s why:

Coaxial cable has a dielectric (insulating) center core surrounded by a conductor (the copper wire). This design provides better protection against interference than ordinary wire, which can degrade sound quality.

The dielectric also helps to keep the signal concentrated in the middle of the conductor, where it belongs. This reduces signal losses due to impedance mismatches, which can again degrade sound quality.

Coaxial cable is also more flexible than ordinary wire, making it easier to route through tight spaces. And because it’s shielded, it’s less susceptible to picking up interference from other electrical devices.

All of these factors add up to better sound quality from your speakers. So, if you’re serious about audio, ditch the ordinary wire and upgrade to a coaxial speaker cable.

Types of Speakers Cables

There are two main types of speaker cables: coaxial and ordinary wire. The coaxial cable comprises two or more insulated wires wrapped around a common center conductor. This cable is often used in audio and video applications because it provides a higher-quality signal than ordinary wire.

The ordinary wire is made of a single conductor surrounded by insulation. This cable is often used in electrical applications because it is less expensive than coaxial cable. However, the signal quality is not as good as with coaxial cable.

Why Coaxial Speaker Cable Is Better Than Ordinary Wire

The coaxial speaker cable comprises two insulated conductors, an inner conductor and an outer conductor, with a dielectric material separating the two. The dielectric material can be solid or foam. The most common type of coaxial speaker cable is RG-59, which has a solid dielectric.

The main advantage of coaxial cable over the ordinary wire is that it minimizes signal loss. When electromagnetic waves travel through a conductor, they create an electric field around the conductor. This field can induce currents in nearby conductors, causing signal loss. Coaxial cable minimizes this effect by keeping the inner and outer conductors separated by the dielectric material.

Another advantage of coaxial cable is that it protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Electromagnetic interference can come from many sources, including power lines, electrical appliances, and wires carrying high-frequency signals. This interference can degrade the quality of your audio signal. Coaxial cable shielding protects against interference by surrounding the inner conductor with the outer conductor. This creates a Faraday cage that blocks out external electromagnetic fields.

If you’re looking for the best possible audio quality, then a coaxial speaker cable is the way to go. It’s more expensive than ordinary wire, but it’s worth it for the improved sound quality.


If you’re looking for your speakers’ best possible sound quality, then coaxial speaker cable is definitely the way to go. While it may cost a bit more than ordinary wire, the difference in sound quality is more than worth it. With superior construction and shielding, coaxial cable minimizes interference and provides much clearer sound reproduction. So, if you’re serious about getting the most out of your speakers, use a coaxial cable instead of an ordinary wire.

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