Choosing the right bamboo Bluetooth speakers for your home can be a daunting task, but there are several options out there that are worth considering. From stylish designs to a sleek wireless experience, there are options to suit every budget and preference.

Hazang Handcrafted Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers

Using the traditional Vietnamese art of coiling, Hazang bamboo speakers produce beautiful round shapes. Each is handcrafted, and takes weeks to complete. Each one also features an AUX port and a potentiometer for precision volume control.

Unlike most electronic goods, Hazang speakers are made from sustainable materials. They use locally sourced materials and Vietnamese craftsmen. In addition to being eco-friendly, they are also a perfect combination of design and functionality.

The speakers are available in two sizes. The 28cm model features a 5-inch medium bass driver, and a 0.5-inch tweeter. They also come with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. They come in four hemp colors.

Each speaker has a subtle grain pattern and comes with a hemp grille. They are designed for acoustic perfection, and have a long battery life. They are designed for both home and office use. They can be charged by a laptop or through a USB mains adapter.

Boundary Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Touted as the king of the pack by some unsuspecting member of the family, the Boundary Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker stands proud. This baffling piece of kit features a 3 watt speaker output, Bluetooth version 5.0 and a micro USB charging port. The retail price tag is less than one thousand dollars, if you’re lucky. The best part is you don’t have to spend the rest of your life manning a bar in order to savor the benefits of wireless music playin’. It’s best to put your feet up and enjoy the aforementioned perks. Unlike the aforementioned slob, this one is a breeze to take care of.

Cadence Wireless Speaker

Those looking for a good value wireless speaker will be rewarded with the Cadence Wireless Speaker, a stylish, modern, and wirelessly connectable speaker. It boasts a stylish bamboo upper body, a grey silicone base, and a micro-USB charging cable. It also features a micro-usable card slot and Bluetooth compatibility, as well as a few sonic perks.

The Cadence has a long list of features, including a subwoofer, nine full range drivers, and nine channels of amplification. Its features list also includes DTS Digital Surround decoding, which translates into a virtual surround sound experience, and apt-X(tm), which is a proprietary audio codec that offers lossless audio streaming. Its features list also includes a TF memory card slot, which allows you to play your favorite songs on the go.


Whether you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker to listen to music or a device to charge your mobile phone, there are many options available. Bamboo is a sustainable material that can be used to make Bluetooth speakers. It is environmentally friendly and emits less CO2 than wood.

Bamboo Bluetooth speakers are available in a variety of different price ranges. They are also customizable to meet your needs. They are lightweight, compact, and can be easily carried. They come with convenient features, such as a microphone, carabiner clip, and music controls.

Reveal bamboo bluetooth speakers are environmentally friendly, and they feature high definition Bluetooth 3.0 technology. These speakers can be placed up to 30 feet away. These speakers also feature a built-in solar panel to recharge the batteries.

Q74700 Wood Bluetooth Speakers

Firstly, the Q74700 Wood Bluetooth Speakers are made of genuine wood, which is a feat in and of itself. Its other noteworthy qualities include an integrated 1200 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s also one of the few Bluetooth speakers on the market that features a slick design that won’t look out of place on your desk. It even features an integrated USB port for charging up your portable devices. Lastly, the bamboo case gives off a pleasantly subtle amount of ambient light. The bamboo encased woofers are also impressive on their own.

The Q74700 Wood Bluetooth Speakers may be a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth the asking price. They are also made in the U.S.A., so you know they are good.

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